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How to Customize Template

This plugin has 8 predefined elements and 7 row elements for creating email template.


  1. Button
  2. Text
  3. Spacer
  4. Video
  5. Image
  6. Divider
  7. Menu
  8. Social


Row elements created by grid system

  1. Row 12
  2. Row 6-6
  3. Row 4-4-4
  4. Row 3-3-3-3
  5. Row 8-4
  6. Row 4-8
  7. Row 3-6-3

Control of Elements

  1. Name of element( or row )
  2. Duplicate. When click this button, clicked element(or row) will duplicate
  3. Delete. When click this button, clicked element(or row) will remove
  4. Move. With the help of this button you can change the position of element (or row)

How to change content of email

When you click any element in the canvas, at the left menu you will see settings according to selected element.  At the below image you can see the settings of video element.

Short code support

When you start editing text element, you can add short code for dynamic information of order and product.