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Can i use other email (html) template this builder ?

You can use very easily .
You need customize elements folder. Divide you html template some pieces such as Header, Content and Footer , or use some html templates the same time.

For this just customize elements.json file. elements.json file included all items for the left menu . Example :

        "name": "Media",
        "items": [{
            "name": "Image",
            "icon": "fa fa-picture-o",
            "content": "elements/Image-full.html"
        "name": "Layout",
        "items": [{
            "name": "Divider",
            "icon": "fa fa-minus",
            "content": "elements/divider.html"
            "name": "Divider (dotted)",
            "icon": "fa fa-minus",
            "content": "elements/divider-dotted.html"
        }, {
            "name": "Divider (dashed)",
            "icon": "fa fa-minus",
            "content": "elements/divider-dashed.html"
            "name": "View in browser",
            "icon": "fa fa-globe",
            "content": "elements/view-browser.html"

this example makes 2 tabs : Media, Layout

You can change elements of each tab .

  • name - showing name in the menu
  • icon - icon of the element. You need find icon in the Font Awesome ,Copy name of the icon , and paste here
  • content - where placed html source of the element , that directory must be here

If you need more information this plugin , please contact author.